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Tester triumphs after Rocketman start

Project Eight Racing Saloons - Race 1.

Image by Jon Bryant of Snappyracers.com

The front row of the grid was a family affair with Peter and son Matt in E36 M3's taking the two top slots just one tenth apart. A further half a tenth adrift was the similarly mounted Adam Sharpe with series returnee Colin Tester in his Sierra Cosworth.

Tester who has been contender for victories on several occasions this year, made a start reminiscent of an Apollo launch and stormed into Paddock bend into a lead he was never to lose.

The real action was behind between Sharpe and the Seldons, the three rarely more than inches apart for 9 laps when Peter Seldon had a spin at Paddock. Sadly his transmission failed to match the urgency of his restart when something in the driveline broke. This left Adam and Matt racing for second spot eventually finishing a fifth of a second apart.

Stephen Markey in his new E36 couldn't quite get onto the pace of the leading three but had an entertaining battle with Tom Murphy in his Sierra Cosworth.

Yellow flags were displayed to recover Peter Seldon's car and those of Mike Dugdale and John Cross who, in separate excursions, were trapped in the Paddock Bend Beach. This broke up the race somewhat as the drivers slowed to allow the marshals to work unhindered.

In Class C the rebuilt engine in John Willcocks' M3 did just enough to overcome the challenge from Nigel Inne's now reliable and very fast 325e.

Class D honours fell to the Dave Clark R5 just ahead of James Hebditch in his Scirocco.

The Class E duo of James Carpenter and Colin Stubbs continued their year long struggle for supremacy with James taking the win on this occasion.

Class F was won by Kristian Dean in his new car just beating his old car in the hands of Manoli Yannaghas.

Project Eight Racing Saloons Result Top 6
1. Colin Tester, Ford Sierra Cosworth
2. Adam Sharpe, BMW M3
3. Matt Seldon, BMW E46
4. Stephen Markey, BMW M3
5. Tom Murphy, Ford Sierra Cosworth
6. John Willcocks, BMW E30 M3

Image by Jon Bryant of Snappyracers.com

Sharpe makes his point

Project Eight Racing Saloons - Race 2.

Adam Sharpe rounded off a successful season in the Project Eight Racing Saloons by winning the final encounter of the year at Brands Hatch. Matt Seldon kept him honest and at the flag was just .7 second adrift.

Pole man Colin Tester led until three quarter distance when the turbo on his Cosworth Sierra wilted under the relentless pace of Sharpe and lost boost. This allowed the Taunton driver to take the lead, closely followed by Matt Seldon.

Behind these Stephen Markey and Rob Sadler, both E36 M3 mounted, battled for 4th place with Sadler maintaining a narrow margin.

An intriguing midfield battle featured Tom Murphy, the M5 or Roger Kneebone, Nigel Innes and John Willcocks. These four tied together for many laps. It all proved to much for the gearbox in Muphy's car which became ever more reluctant to engage third gar. This allowed Kneebone and Innes to get ahead but Willcocks seemed unable to take advantage for several more laps. With places swapping between Kneebone and Innes the battle continued with the four of them separated by just 1.5 seconds att the flag. Class C victory this time going to Nigel Innes.

In Class D The Dave Clark 5 made an incredible start then at Paddock bend the throttle became disengaged, leaving Dave feeling sad all over. James Hebditch took the victory.

Class E saw a good start from Cadwell based Colin Stubbs, who in race one was exhausted from his trip from oop north for the third time this season. Colin was making up ground on James Carpenter until a sizeable chunk of someone else's exhaust system arrived through the drivers door window showering Colin with glass. Being a doughty Lincolnshire chap, Colin swiftly swapped his eye patch from his left eye and soldiered on. As if this wasn't enough bad luck, on his way back to Louth, Colin had an unfortunate encounter near Alconbury which left him in limp mode. Keep using the ointment Colin.

All this enabled James Carpenter to take the Class E win whilts Class F was again the domain of Kristian Dean.

Project Eight Racing Saloons Result Top 6

1. Adam Sharpe, BMW M3
2. Matt Seldon, BMW E36 M3
3. Colin Tester, Ford Sierra Cosworth
4. Stephen Markey, BMW M3
5. Robert Sadler, BMW E36 M3
6. John Cross, SEAT Leon Cupra


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